Do you ship to where I live?

If you’re reading this, the answer is almost certainly, Yes!  We ship to many countries. However, if you reside in a country we do not regularly ship to, once we have received your order, we will create a shipping solution, provide a quote, and followup with you. There’s more information here, at SHIPPING.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

Contact us, providing your new address and the effective date of your change of address. Once we have received your information, we will contact you to confirm, or to inquire further, if we have any questions.

Once I've placed my order for my new Horizontal Bed, how long before receive it?

Orders typically ship within two weeks of payment. Order of delivery is based on ‘first ordered, first delivered’, unless you have opted for Priority Delivery at CHECKOUT, which advances your order forward. If you have a particular delivery date in mind or other special instructions, there’s an ‘Order Notes’ box in CHECKOUT; place your details and preferences there. We’ll see it, and do our best to accommodate your needs and wishes.

What are my payment options?

All you need do is place a small deposit to secure your order; and that’s a good idea, because production capacity is limited. If you change your mind your deposit is refundable. Later, you can pay your balance in three modest sized, equal instalments through our 30-60-90 no interest, no cost payment plan. Or if you prefer, advance to Priority Delivery by paying balance in full at the CHECKOUT. You can see all payment details at CHECKOUT, before you commit. Your account details can viewed at any time, in real time, in MY ACCOUNT.

Are there any specials offers?

Absolutely! For a limited time, every Horizontal Button Bed comes with an exceptional Bonus, a complete 7 piece CORO organic bedding set.  See it …here,...and here. And for a limited time, in North America, beds are delivered free of charge.

What if I want to modify my order after I've paid my deposit?

Tell us what you want and we’ll get back to you promptly. As there are a lot moving parts involved with processing and building your order, the sooner you contact us, the better. 

Are the materials in Horizontal products safe? And certified?

Yes, Horizontal’s materials are very safe, perhaps the safest ever offered. We have worked hard to create a product that is 99.8% biodegradable. You can read more about our commitments to human health and environmental health in OUR ENVIRONMENTAL STANCE and in BENEFITS.  

We support a number of well regarded material certification bodies and industry associations committed to environmental health and human health; including Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), The Campaign For Wool, Masters of Linen, Oeko-Tex, Downmark, SoLoft, Zurguard and German Down Proof Fabric.  All the materials we source are substantively vetted and examined for health and environmental impacts. At Horizontal, this is a primary and constant preoccupation.

Because some certifications and industry associations exist to provide public relations ‘cover’ for chemically dependent industries that harm human life and all life, it is right and good to inquire. When you have doubts, ask questions. If you have any questions about the materials Horizontal relies on, please ask us.

Why doesn’t Horizontal make a bed/mattress with coil springs?

Good question. During Horizontal’s design stage we thought a lot about coil springs. After all, they are widely used everywhere by mattress manufacturers. Metal sleeping suspensions are found in beds across all price points and all qualities. Based on our extensive research, five problematic issues disqualified coil springs from ever being used in Horizontal Beds.

One:  Being metal, manufacturing coil springs is an unnecessary carbon intensive activity.

Two:  The vast majority of coil springs never get recycled; and are not well suited for recycling.

Three:  All coil springs suffer ‘metal fatigue’. In zones of repeated use they sag, making the bed surface uneven and inconsistent.

Four:  Coil springs cannot be cost effectively repaired or replaced, making the entire bed/mattress useless.

Five:  Today’s electromagnetic fields (EMFs) vastly exceed naturally occurring EMFs, and 24/7 radiation of human DNA is a known health and scientific concern. This issue is hotly contested because health of human beings is pitted against the financial gain of major corporations. You have choices. You could trust Big Corporation Inc. or, you can trust the people we trust, EnvironmentalHealthTrust.org. We know that today’s EMF’s increasingly impact human DNA. That’s bad news for human beings. Horizontal’s informed position is this: Given this 21st Century environment, it is unwise to spend fully one third of your life lying directly above a large metal structure that is in effect, an antenna. Night time is for rejuvenation, not radiation.