Why Now?  3 of 13 Short Stories.  3 minute read.

Breaking with conventional bed and mattress design, we are introducing more demanding health and ecological standards that contradict the petrochemical-centric culture of the multi-billion dollar mattress industry. A mature industry that hasn’t had an original idea in well over 40 years; an industry dominated by a few, very large corporations; an industry so thoroughly marinated in petrochemicals it is evasive, even vicious when called to account for the enormous, accumulating harm it causes to life; an industry that resists transparency; an industry so myopic it thinks wrapping an organic bamboo cover over plastic foam fabricated from petrochemicals is somehow ‘green’; an industry that thinks gluing three layers of polyurethane foam together, rolling it up and vacuum shrinking it into a small cardboard box constitutes a product innovation, when in fact it’s just the same toxic juice delivered in a smaller box.

Unlike most bed/mattresses, our new product contains none of the harmful materials present in well over 90% of all mattresses sold in North America. There are no carcinogenic chemicals, no neurotoxic chemicals, no polyurethane foams, no chemical fire retardants, no petroleum and no toxic off gassing. There is no box spring; even the bedding is different.

Horizontal’s bed/mattress is an opportunity to ban planned obsolescence from the bedroom.

Our new product is designed to provide a lifetime of satisfying sleep. Comfort and support exceed what your body has so far experienced. The bed and mattress are one. The result is lighter and leaner in appearance than conventional bed/mattresses. The suspension system is unlike your past experiences. Parts can be changed out, making this bed/mattress the last bed you may ever purchase. Our bed/mattress is an opportunity to banish planned obsolescence from the bedroom and begin phasing out the nihilistic culture of rampant throwawayism. After a lifetime or more of use, this bed/mattress will biodegrade, with 99.8% of its materials returning safely into Earth without harming life. Our new sleeping system reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces toxic waste and eliminates unconscionable chemical trespasses into the human body. Physically, mentally and spiritually, it improves sleeping satisfaction and enhances quality of life.

Happy outcomes for your life, for those you love, and for a little blue planet greatly in need of relief.

Our goal is the creation and production of the most restful, the healthiest, most environmentally considerate bed/mattress ever manufactured. You are invited along. We’ll share our progress with you and welcome your participation.

If we can provide you with a more physically satisfying, soul restoring, life long solution for that one third of your life you spend horizontal, then the time you spend vertical will be inspired towards happier outcomes for your life, for those you love, and for a little blue planet greatly in need of relief.

– Len Laycock

Author’s Note: All facts and information referenced in the Why Now? series, including facts and information about chemicals and their impacts on human health and environment, have been drawn from previously published sources in the European Union, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and India. Sources include national and state government documents, government funded agencies, national and international corporations, peer reviewed research from universities, the industrial safety industry, material data safety sheets, worker’s compensation board records, articles published in major newspapers, articles published by national and international news reporting services, published authors respected in their fields, and reports and studies published by reputable nonprofits and environmental organizations.