Horizontal bed benefit pain relief

Pain Relief

Our bed is designed to align your spine to its neutral position. Lying on your back, you will immediately sense Horizontal does not feel like a conventional bed. First impression may feel firm. Relax… Observe the downward pressure points on your body dispersing, and the active upward pressure tilting your pelvis up, directing your spine towards its naturally regenerative position. This subtle spinal traction relaxes and opens space between the vertebrae, easing pressure on nerves and discs.

To optimize comfort, relieve stress, and to minimize back, neck and hip pain, we focus on two important, but often overlooked design principals:

1. Biotensegrity (bio+tension+integrity) is a relatively recent understanding of how our bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia operate inter-dependently, balancing tensioned and compressed parts. Pacing this concept, our suspension system balances its tensioned and compressed parts, helping to harmonize the behaviour of our bed to your body.

2. Biophilic Design (bio+philic) re-acquaints and re-connects humans with Nature’s materials and values. Horizontal relies exclusively on biological materials containing DNA; wools, botanical latex, cottons and hard wood. Our material choices synchronize with Nature’s perpetual cradle to cradle cycles; the bio-rhythms of all life. After a long useful life these materials return safely to Earth, providing future nutrients for healthy life.

Designing within Nature’s limitations provides comfort and peace for people, for your planet too.

Learn more at Follow the DNA.

Horizontal bed benefit no sweat

No Sweat

Unless you’re suffering a fever, sweating in bed is caused by sleeping on, in, or with the wrong materials. Overheating is the number one consumer complaint with memory foam mattresses for a good reason; those petro-plastics trap air, heat, sweat and condensation, inducing a damp sleeping environment.

Conventional mattresses, box springs, sheets blended with polyester, indeed any bed coverings or bed components made from polyesters, polyurethanes or other plastic concoctions contribute to overheating. While perspiration is a normal bodily function that aids detoxification, waking up wet, throwing off covers, then pulling them back up after a damp chill sets in, is not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Horizontal’s design minimizes night sweats by allowing air to flow from underneath, up through our bed frame, airy suspension, open pinhole latex and through our breathable natural wool and cotton layers. With the right combination of natural materials body temperature is regulated, moisture from sweat evaporates into ambient air, helping you sleep dry and comfortably. Each bed partner maintains their own individual temperate zone, lowering the temperature on a classic couple’s conflict. Whew!

Horizontal bed benefit no carcinogens

No Carcinogens

Inside our products you won’t find any materials containing carcinogens or any chemicals suspected of being carcinogenic. Although millions of people unwittingly sleep with these petroleum derived products every night, they have no place in your bedroom.

Countries that consume the most petroleum products per capita share two common characteristics; 1) they rank high on the Human Development Index (HDI), and, 2) although these most advanced nations represent only 15% of the world’s population they account for 40% of cancers. In our culture, the connection between excessive petroleum driven consumption and induced cancers is plain for all to see. Others may be complacent, but we are not. Knowing “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, Horizontal strives to remove these chemical health risks from your bedroom. We believe information and knowledge should inform purchase decisions.

Nearly 40 years ago The State of California identified toluene di-isocyanate (TDI) as a known carcinogen. Today, TDI is still the chemical ‘workhorse’ used to produce the polyurethane foam used in most mattresses. In Europe and elsewhere, many legislative bodies, government agencies, health groups, industrial safety agencies, industrial service corporations, scientists, environmental groups, and health aware parents have reached the same conclusion about TDI; it is harmful to life.

Many flame retardants (FRs) used on or in mattresses also contain carcinogens and/or other toxic chemicals. In response to the litany of chemical FR health consequences, Horizontal applies the First, Do No Harm principal. We reject chemical FRs completely because common sense and compassion tell us to give the benefit of the doubt to human beings, not to chemicals.

Horizontal is a member of Safer Chemicals, Safer Families, a coalition of 450 organizations, businesses and humans with 11 million plus members opposed to toxic and carcinogenic chemicals in consumer products, including toxic flame retardants. With them, we oppose widespread use of toxic FRs in solidarity with the international fire fighting community, many of whom disproportionately pay the ultimate price cancer can extract.

Learn more at Empty Boots.

Horizontal bed benefit good posture in bed

Sleeping Posture

Horizontal is receptive to all body types. Our suspension system directs your body towards better sleeping posture by simultaneously giving way and actively pushing back. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or face down, our primary aim is to position your spine in its neutral position.

Neutral spine is achieved when all 3 curves of the spine—cervical (neck), thoracic (middle) and lumbar (lower) are in proper alignment. We suggest starting your night by turning off all electronics and relaxing for a few minutes on your back. If you are among the many who find it difficult to fall asleep, place your body in this classic neutral posture:

1. Basic position. Put your pillow aside, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the bed. Make sure your legs are parallel with your heels, toes, knees, and hips all in one line. Let your arms rest at your sides.

2. Melt into the bed. Slowly relax your body, including your shoulders, neck, and jaw. Allow your back to rest, without effort. Your rib cage is dropped with the lower ribs released to the bed.

3. Breathe deeply and slowly. Draw your breath all the way into your body, allowing it to move into your back and the sides of your rib cage, and all the way down to your pelvis. Repeat three or four times.

4. Relax. Stay in this position as long as you like. When ready, slowly unbend your knees and slide your feet out. Then let your natural sleeping posture and our suspension system take over.

Horizontal bed benefit good sex in bed

Better Sex

Humans can and do have sex almost anywhere. In a car, under the dining room table, in the garage, on a desk, in the woods, or _____? While memories of favourite locations are warmly recalled, no matter how adventurous or open minded, most of the time, most people have sex in a bed.

Bed, it turns out, is the place of choice for most sexual encounters because it is one of the few places people find both time and privacy. According to the New York Times, a number of studies confirm couples who have sex at least two to three times a week are happier with their relationship. Put bluntly, regardless of age, the more sex you have, the higher the level of relationship satisfaction. Doctor Anthony Smith, Professor of Public Health and Deputy Director at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University in Melbourne explains it this way, “The real issue here, I think, is that couples are not finding enough time for sex. I don’t think you can keep forcing more and more activities in people’s lives and still expect them to take the time it takes to have sex, let alone good quality sex.”.

Because much of human happiness turns on sexual satisfaction or lack of it, choosing the right bed/mattress is no trivial pursuit. Given the importance humans place on sex, it’s surprising the mattress industry barely, if ever mentions sex in bed. Not so Horizontal. Our bed/mattress design conscientiously considers the natural human need for good sex. Like a good relationship, our bed is designed to give, and take. Our suspension system, with its double rows of slender, flexible hardwood slats mounted on latex, is bouncy. These attributes provide uncommon flexibility, letting go, pushing back, assisting optimum body postures as instinctive human movements direct. Likely, you haven’t felt it this way before. Our dynamic suspension system is analogous to the suspension system of a sports car – a little firmer than most and responsive to every curve and bump in the…er, road. Springs, polyurethane foams, including those memory foam variations, can’t get the job done nearly as well. And really, having sex on a spongey mass of plastic petrochemicals is not sexy.

The quality of design that goes into, or does not go into a bed/mattress directly affects intimate human relationships. Because your time together is important, and special, Horizontal is designed to help you get a leg up. Asleep, awake, lying still, or gettin’ busy, it feels good knowing Horizontal is in a committed relationship with you. It’s one of the reasons we say Horizontal is “Good in bed. Naturally”.

Horizontal bed benefit less motion in bed

Less Motion Transfer

We know your bed partner is truly dear to you, nevertheless, a restless bedmate can turn a shared bed into a battlefield.

Anyone can turn testy when their sleep is disturbed. Fortunately, every Horizontal bed/mattress has two independent suspension systems, one for each sleeper. Even if your bedmate is a world class fidgeter, our two part suspension system virtually eliminates motion transfer. When you don’t want your sleep disturbed, we’ve got you covered.

Horizontal bed benefit good breathe

Breathe Easy

Your nose and mouth are in intimate with your bed. They are primary entrance points for bed/mattress chemicals. Every night, you breathe in what you sleep in and on. Chemicals in your mattress can also enter your body through dermal absorption. These nightly chemical exposures bio-accumulate. If you sleep on a mattress made with toxic flame retardants, polyurethane foam and textiles made from petrochemicals, or synthetic latex foams, be aware, eight hours of bed/body contact is a lengthy exposure. Night after night these substances add to your chemical body burden.

While you may not be able to prevent all of your day time exposures to petrochemicals, you can control your home sleeping environment. The good news is that you are not condemned to spend a lifetime sleeping with petrochemicals.

Horizontal has no hidden health hazards. There are no ugly chemical content facts to suppress or hide from you. Breathe easy about that. And breathe easy knowing our generous use of wool encourages a dry bed climate that’s inhospitable to bed bugs, and other unwanted guests like mold and bacteria. The lanolin inherent in high quality wool deters dust mites, so there’s no dust mite fecal matter to trigger allergic reactions. Asthma, allergy sufferers and everyone, breathes easier.

Horizontal bed benefit good sleep

A Lifetime Of Satisfying Sleep

Horizontal’s hardwood bed frame and slats may outlast you. Hand them down to the next generation. Our soft components are made from the highest quality natural and resilient materials with long lives. When parts reach the end of their usefulness, they can be easily changed out, extending the life of your bed for decades more satisfying sleep.

Would you throw away a high quality bicycle just because a tire had worn thin and gone flat? Not likely. With Horizontal, replacing parts is easy and far less expensive than replacing an entire bed/mattress. By designing to accommodate replaceable parts, Horizontal’s bed/mattress never becomes obsolete.

Our eco-conscious design conserves and extends your investment in quality. It also conserves and extends Earth’s essential nutrients; air, water, soil, vegetation, all the good things.

Blink. The Bed’s Made!

Unlike ordinary fitted sheets with elastics, there’s no need to re-tuck the corners every morning. Horizontal’s patented fitted sheet stays neatly in place. Daily maintenance? Nearly zero.

Our unique top sheet self positions without fussing. Give your duvet a shake, drop it on top, place your pillows,..the bed’s made!

Time elapsed: about 90 seconds.